1. Little Richard’s Big Legacy

    Little Richard’s Big Legacy

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    Little Richard — Richard Wayne Penniman — is one of the pillars of rock and roll.

    The Macon, GA native was born in 1932, the third of 12 children. His father was both a bootlegger and a Seventh Day Aventist preacher. The dramatic details of his biography are told in many…

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  2. The Latest in Swedish Reggae

    The Latest in Swedish Reggae

    [contextly_sidebar id=”7dIRPW08xZsPVMrki6y2qrQWRqMPMZzJ”]Want to find out what is happening in reggae? Okay, it’s easy. Just check out what is going on in Sweden.

    My daughter suggested the link above, which is the song “Momma” from the band Kultiration. What really is interesting is that the band’s Wikipedia listing suggests that…

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  3. Ernest Tubb Was The Texas Troubadour

    Ernest Tubb Was The Texas Troubadour

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    Ernest Tubb was a second generation country music star. Profiles of the singer/songwriter paint him as a follower of Jimmie Rogers, who was known as “the Father of Country Music.” Rogers, though he died long before Tubb became a star, would have a lot to do with his rise.


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  4. Hector Berlioz: Few Friends and Big, Big Orchestras

    Hector Berlioz: Few Friends and Big, Big Orchestras

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    The point of this website is to present music of all types, across the board. Whether I like a particular artist or song is secondary. I’ve chosen most of the music at The Daily Music Break, and I like most of it. But not all.

    That brings us to classical music. I was raised…

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  5. Playlist: Johnny Winter (1944-2014)


  6. One More From Washboard Sam — For the Pictures

    One More From Washboard Sam — For the Pictures

    I happened to see this nice song by Washboard Sam after posting this morning. The real reason I am posting it separately is because of these great photos of “towboats,” which I assume is the synonymous with what we now refer to as tugboats.

    The slide show was put together by Jim Hatter, who credits the Library of Congress’ Prints…

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  7. Why Is Washboard Sam Forgotten?

    Why Is Washboard Sam Forgotten?

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    Perhaps his stage name implied that he was a specialty act or a lightweight. He was neither.

    An interesting thing about researching the older artists featured on this website is the apparent randomness of who is remembered and who is forgotten. Some are forgotten and others…

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  8. Happy Birthday, Newport Jazz Festival

    Happy Birthday, Newport Jazz Festival

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    This Day in Jazz History says that today is the 60th anniversary of The Newport Jazz Festival. Above is Big Maybelle performing “All Night Long” in 1958. Here is a history of the eventnewport.

    Here is more about Big Maybelle, who really was Maybelle Louise Smith:

    Born in Jackson,…

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  9. Garth Brooks Starts His Comeback

    Garth Brooks Starts His Comeback

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    There is more of a split between old and new country music than between generations in other genres. The core of rock, for instance, hasn’t changed all that much. Styles change, but it seems that the evolution of country music over the past couple of decades is…

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  10. Hooray For Bernard Herrmann

    Hooray For Bernard Herrmann

    It’s amazing how many great movies featured music composed by Bernard Herrmann. Here are some highlights:

    Citizen Kane; The Devil and Daniel Webster; The Magnificent Ambersons; Jane Eyre; Anna and the King of Siam; The Ghost and Mrs. Muir;The Day the Earth Stood Still;The Trouble with Harry; The Man Who Knew Too Much; The Man in the…

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