1. Podcast: Quest Soul on His Music and Hip Hop

    Podcast: Quest Soul on His Music and Hip Hop

    [contextly_sidebar id=”rpXA6XtRmEvhG8V7skeKjotZZCUIoSn3”]Airick Smith is a hip hop artist in Los Angeles. Smith, who records using the name Quest Soul, reached out to me through Twitter, probably after seeing The Daily Music Break.

    questsoulWe communicated over Twitter, spoke and decided to do a podcast. I had a certain amount of unease about it. Not only am I decades older than Airick, but his music…

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  2. Memphis Minnie: Lady Sang the Blues

    Memphis Minnie: Lady Sang the Blues

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    Memphis Minnie was a female blues guitarist and singer in what was an overwhelmingly man’s world.

    They should make a movie about Minnie, who was born Lizzie Douglas in 1897 in Algiers, Louisiana, the oldest of 13 kids. The Wikipedia bio does a good job of describing her life,…

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  3. This Day in Music: “Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll” Concerts Held

    This Day in Music: “Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll” Concerts Held

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    Tribute concerts honoring Chuck Berry’s sixtieth birthday — memorably commemorated in the great concert film “Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll” — were held at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis.

    Wikipedia says that there were two concerts that day. Among the performers were host Keith…

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  4. Kate Bush Tours for the Second Time Since 1978

    Kate Bush Tours for the Second Time Since 1978

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    Kate Bush, Madonna and Michael Jackson were born within a month of each other during the summer of 1958. Bush made more of a name for herself in Great Britain than in the U.S. The profiles–and a look at the videos–suggest that she uses stage theatrics similar to Madonna or,…

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  5. New Music: The Meadows Brothers

    New Music: The Meadows Brothers

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    Brothers Ian and Dustin Meadows, who are from Chester, Connecticut, trace their roots to their parents record player — and beyond them to Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie.

    They write that “the end result [is] two kids from New England becoming infatuated with the roots of…

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  6. Our Patreon Pitch

    The_Daily_Music_BreakHello. I hope you all are well.

    I truly appreciate the visits and enjoy posting about the great world of music.

    On the business front, we are trying to raise some money to do such things as hire a full- or part-time editorial assistant to write and proofread, upgrade the podcast technology and eventually add video and do the Internet-y things necessary kick start traffic traffic.

    Patreon is a…

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  7. Podcast: Ryan White, Author of “Springsteen: Album by Album”

    Podcast: Ryan White, Author of “Springsteen: Album by Album”

    [contextly_sidebar id=”sbCJnwH3WL9mLyKB2kdHm4mLGjWd7OtB”]Bruce_SpringsteenI have nothing particularly original to say about Bruce Springsteen as a set up to this podcast interview with journalist Ryan White, whose coffee table book — “Springsteen: Album by Album” — was just released.

    Instead, I’d just point out that the most insightful comments I have read or head about Springsteen is that his lasting fame comes…

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  8. Playlist: It’s Cool to Be Prez

    Playlist: It’s Cool to Be Prez

    [column size=one_half position=first ]ly3Writing at AllMusic, Scott Yanow — a friend of The Daily Music Break — summed up the importance and approach of Lester Young:

    Lester Young was one of the true jazz giants, a tenor saxophonist who came up with a completely different conception in which to play his horn, floating over bar lines with a light tone rather than adopting Coleman Hawkins‘…

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  9. Kurt Weill Helped Write the Soundtrack for Very Bad Times

    Kurt Weill Helped Write the Soundtrack for Very Bad Times

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    I am not trying to minimize ebola, the enterovirus and ISIS. These are serious issues, three diseases that must be wiped out.

    That said, nothing compares to the first half of the last century for pure terror and evil. It started with the First World War, in which 37 million…

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  10. It’s Impossible to Dislike Some Songs…

    It’s Impossible to Dislike Some Songs…

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    …and this is one of them.

    It’s “Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms,” played by a band with the great name of Johnny Roquemore & The Apostles of Bluegrass.

    Some of the comments at YouTube are very funny. People like big beads.

    The song has an interesting history, according to…

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