1. Podcast and Playlist: The Strange, Troubled and Brilliant John Fahey

    Podcast and Playlist: The Strange, Troubled and Brilliant John Fahey

    [column size=one_half position=first ]John Fahey was an American folk guitarist who lived from 1939 to 2001. He was an eccentric and troubled man who seemed to funnel those problems and challenges into his music.

    The best of Fahey combined his virtuosity with a sense of the foreboding and strangeness that made the technical quality of the music secondary to the big picture, which to many begins…

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  2. Roy Clark Helped Popularize Country Music

    Roy Clark Helped Popularize Country Music

    Roy Clark is a familiar face even to folks who are not interested in country music fans. He is a great instrumentalist and very funny entertainer who gained fame as the host of the 1970s television program Hee Haw. It’s interesting that Clark, who was born in 1933, grew up on Staten Island, NY and lived in Washington, DC, hardly…

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  3. There Was Only One Janis Joplin

    There Was Only One Janis Joplin

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    The Reuters obituary was pretty much right on the mark, quite an achievement considering that it was printed just a few hours after Janis Joplin died on December 4, 1970.

    Joplin would have been 71 years old had she lived. Here death was a shame on both an artistic and human…

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  4. Keiko Matsui: “Light Above the Trees” and “Water Lily”

    Keiko Matsui: “Light Above the Trees” and “Water Lily”

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    HT: Richard B.

    Keiko Matsui is a composer and keyboard player of smooth jazz, jazz fusion and new age. She was born in 1961 in Japan and now lives in Los Angeles.

    Wikipedia says that Matsui blends western and eastern influences and takes a spiritual approach to composing:


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  5. Happy Birthday!

    HBD, Emily.


  6. Marcus Roberts is Old School and New School

    Marcus Roberts is Old School and New School

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    Marcus Roberts is as impressive as any musician covered by The Daily Music Break. It’s not fair to the others to say more impressive, since some personal struggles are not as dramatic and obvious as blindness. Also, of course, many musicians are blind. However, it’s difficult…

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  7. Mississippi John Hurt’s Precise and Gentle Blues

    Mississippi John Hurt’s Precise and Gentle Blues

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    Mississippi John Hurt was born in Teoc, Mississippi in 1893. Biographies of these old blues players often seem strikingly similar to each other. It isn’t that anyone is plagiarizing. It is far more likely that the original source material is the same. Thus, the story that…

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  8. New Music: Duke Dumont

    This is music from English DJ Duke Dumont, whose real name is Adam George Dyment. The name of the song is “Won’t Look Back.” Here are Dumont’s website and Wikipedia entries.


  9. Playlist: Six From the Rolling Stones

    Playlist: Six From the Rolling Stones

    It’s easy to forget just how great the greatest band in rock and roll history was.

    Unlike Muhammed Ali — the other great 1960s and 70s institution that didn’t know when to quit — the fact that the band soldiers on and on hurts nobody. It got silly after a while. But, after all, it’s only rock and roll.

    Check out other posts about the band here and here. Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings are here and here

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  10. Bombino: Rock via North Africa

    Bombino: Rock via North Africa

    Bombino is Goumour Almoctar, a musician who was born in Tidene, Niger, on January 1, 1980. He is member of the nomadic Ifoghas tribe, which part of the Tuareg people. The Tuaregs are an ancient people of Berber extraction who inhabit North Africa.

    Both the story of the Tuareg and Bambino’s story are complicated. In one way, however,…

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