1. “And the Man in the Back Said, ‘Everyone Attack’ and it Turned Into a Ballroom Blitz”

    A high point of western culture. The Sweet actually was quite popular, as Wikipedia notes…


  2. Even Before John Mayall, There was Alexis Korner

    Even Before John Mayall, There was Alexis Korner

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    Last month, I had the opportunity to chatwith Denny Somach, the author of “Great the Led Out: How Led Zeppelin Became the Biggest Rock Band in the World.” During the conversation, I asked if all of…

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  3. Playlist: Five From King Oliver


  4. Playlist: Five From King Oliver

    Playlist: Five From King Oliver

    [column size=one_half position=first ]In the 1920s, jazz just was becoming jazz. One of the key figures in this transformation was Joseph Nathan (King) Oliver.

    Oliver was important for several reasons. The Red Hot Jazz Archive gives him a lot of credit for an important structural element of the nascent genre:

    Joe Oliver is one of the most important figures in early Jazz. When we use the phrase…

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  5. Number One on this Date in 1963: “Surf City”

    Wikipedia says that Jan & Dean’s song was tops 51 years ago today. Wikipedia, which knows everything about everything, says that…


  6. Little Richard’s Big Legacy

    Little Richard’s Big Legacy

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    Little Richard — Richard Wayne Penniman — is one of the pillars of rock and roll.

    The Macon, GA native was born in 1932, the third of 12 children. His father was both a bootlegger and a Seventh Day Aventist preacher. The dramatic details of his biography are told in many…

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  7. The Latest in Swedish Reggae

    The Latest in Swedish Reggae

    [contextly_sidebar id=”7dIRPW08xZsPVMrki6y2qrQWRqMPMZzJ”]Want to find out what is happening in reggae? Okay, it’s easy. Just check out what is going on in Sweden.

    My daughter suggested the link above, which is the song “Momma” from the band Kultiration. What really is interesting is that the band’s Wikipedia listing suggests that…

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  8. Ernest Tubb Was The Texas Troubadour

    Ernest Tubb Was The Texas Troubadour

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    Ernest Tubb was a second generation country music star. Profiles of the singer/songwriter paint him as a follower of Jimmie Rogers, who was known as “the Father of Country Music.” Rogers, though he died long before Tubb became a star, would have a lot to do with his rise.


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  9. Hector Berlioz: Few Friends and Big, Big Orchestras

    Hector Berlioz: Few Friends and Big, Big Orchestras

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    The point of this website is to present music of all types, across the board. Whether I like a particular artist or song is secondary. I’ve chosen most of the music at The Daily Music Break, and I like most of it. But not all.

    That brings us to classical music. I was raised…

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  10. Playlist: Johnny Winter (1944-2014)