1. Happy 63rd Birthday, Joe Strummer

    Happy 63rd Birthday, Joe Strummer

    Joe Strummer, the lyricist, rhythm guitarist and singer for The Clash, was born on this day in 1952, according to This Day in Music.

    Here is the start of his profile at Biography:

    As frontman and main songwriter of the Clash, Joe Strummer created some of the fieriest, most vital punk rock — and, indeed, rock & roll — of all time.…

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  2. Podcast: Why Was Louis Armstrong the Great Louis Armstrong?

    Podcast: Why Was Louis Armstrong the Great Louis Armstrong?


    We all know–and most of us love — the jolly, overweight trumpeter with the huge smile, gravelly voice and out-sized personality.

    It is assumed in popular culture that Louis Armstrongwas a genius. Indeed, the experts are even more certain of it than the rest of us. But, for non-experts, an interesting question arises:…

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  3. Tops on This Day in 1988: “Roll With It”

    Tops on This Day in 1988: “Roll With It”

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    The invaluable site bobbobst.com tells us that the top song on this day in 1998 was Steve Winwoods “Roll With It.”

    Here is more on Winwood, who rose to fame with the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and Blind Faith:

    Winwood burst into prominence in 1963 with the Spencer Davis…

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  4. Nelson Riddle

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    Music is full of funny connections, especially when viewed decades later.

    It’s strange to think that that only 25 years elapsed between the end of World War II and the breakup of The Beatles. This compressed time frame inevitably created some interesting musical bedfellows.…

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  5. Art Farmer, the King of the Frumpet

    Art Farmer, the King of the Frumpet

    Profiles of jazz trumpeter Art Farmer are very interesting for what they leave out: There is relatively little about Farmer the man. No anecdotes, no reminiscences. It certainly wasn’t that he was disliked—the little that comes through is quite positive. It’s that there is not much detail. The man literally let his trumpet – and…

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  6. The Lost Bayou Ramblers

    The Lost Bayou Ramblers

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    Two songs from The Lost Bayou Ramblers were on the soundtrack of the great movie “Beast of the Southern Wild.” Two numbers — that were not in the movie — are here. Above is “Blue Moon Special” and below is “Bastille.”

    The band, according to a comment at the “Bastille” page,…

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  7. Podcast: A Conversation with David Bromberg

    Podcast: A Conversation with David Bromberg


    David Bromberg has played everything with everyone, or at least it seems that way. His profile is deep and wide: Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, The Beastie Boys, Doc Watson, Carly Simon, Jay Ungar, Link Wray, Phoebe Snow and dozens of others. The list is more or less a who’s who of music…

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  8. This Day In Music: In 1922, The New York Philharmonic is on the Air

    This Day In Music: In 1922, The New York Philharmonic is on the Air

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    Classicalalmanac.com reports that on this day in 1922 a The New York Philharmonic concert was broadcast for the first time.

    WJZ venue was Lewisohn Stadium, which was on the campus of The City College of New York. Works were by Dvorák, Saint-Saens, Mendelssohn, Rimksy-Korsakov

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  9. Lucinda Williams: A Legend in Her Own Sweet Time

    Lucinda Williams: A Legend in Her Own Sweet Time

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    Lucinda Williams, a singer-songwriter born in 1953 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, mixes elements of blues, folk and country music.

    Her father, Miller, was a poet, literature professor, amateur pianist and fan of Hank Williams and delta blues. Williams began writing music at six…

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  10. The Beastie Boys Broadened Boundaries

    The Beastie Boys Broadened Boundaries

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    The Beastie Boys started as a hard core rock band in 1981. They migrated to rap and hip hop and, in 1985, toured behind Madonna The group released “Licensed to Ill,” a hugely successful rap album, a year later.

    The above video — “(You Gotta Fight) For Your Right (to Party!)”…

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