1. Why Is Washboard Sam Forgotten?

    Why Is Washboard Sam Forgotten?

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    Perhaps his stage name implied that he was a specialty act or a lightweight. He was neither.

    An interesting thing about researching the older artists featured on this website is the apparent randomness of who is remembered and who is forgotten. Some are forgotten and others…

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  2. Happy Birthday, Newport Jazz Festival

    Happy Birthday, Newport Jazz Festival

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    This Day in Jazz History says that today is the 60th anniversary of The Newport Jazz Festival. Above is Big Maybelle performing “All Night Long” in 1958. Here is a history of the eventnewport.

    Here is more about Big Maybelle, who really was Maybelle Louise Smith:

    Born in Jackson,…

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  3. Garth Brooks Starts His Comeback

    Garth Brooks Starts His Comeback

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    There is more of a split between old and new country music than between generations in other genres. The core of rock, for instance, hasn’t changed all that much. Styles change, but it seems that the evolution of country music over the past couple of decades is…

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  4. Hooray For Bernard Herrmann

    Hooray For Bernard Herrmann

    It’s amazing how many great movies featured music composed by Bernard Herrmann. Here are some highlights:

    Citizen Kane; The Devil and Daniel Webster; The Magnificent Ambersons; Jane Eyre; Anna and the King of Siam; The Ghost and Mrs. Muir;The Day the Earth Stood Still;The Trouble with Harry; The Man Who Knew Too Much; The Man in the…

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  5. Today in Music History: “In the Midnight Hour” Released

    Noise Addicts notes that on this day in 1965 Wilson Pickett released “In the Midnight Hour.” …


  6. Playlist: Seven About Trains

    Playlist: Seven About Trains

    [column size=one_half position=first ]trainIt’s sort of silly to pick out just seven songs about trains. There are thousands of great ones.

    Suffice it to say that any list of songs about trains includes lots of blues and the accompanying lonesome whistles. I’d like to listen to them all. Indeed, it’s interesting that something that holds such fascination for kids (especially boys) ends up associated…

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  7. Drive-By Truckers: “Used to be a Cop”

    Drive-By Truckers: “Used to be a Cop”

    These folks have been around for a while, but it still is safe to say they represent the next generation of southern rock. Check out The Three Great Alabama Icons to see what I mean.

    Here is the band’s website.

    (Homepage Photo: David McClister)

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  8. The Cool George Benson

    The Cool George Benson

    Charlie Christian is the Adam and Eve of electric jazz guitar. He is followed by Wes Montgomery who, in turn, is a half-step ahead of Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, Bucky Pizzarelli, George Benson and many other great players.

    Richard Ginell makes an interesting point in his AllMusic profile: Like Nat King Cole, Benson is a virtuoso on his…

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  9. Happy July 4th From Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Linda Ronstadt, Robert Cray and Dick Clark

    Happy July 4th From Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Linda Ronstadt, Robert Cray and Dick Clark

    I wanted to feature Chuck Berryplaying “Back in the U.S.A.” for the fourth of July. The problem was that I found two great versions. One is from “The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show” that aired, according to the overly precise notes, on July 18,1959. The lip syncing is terrible and Berry is not playing his guitar half the…

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  10. “Windy” Tops the Charts on This Day in 1967

    The number one song on this day in 1967 — indeed, from June 25 to July 22 — was “Windy” by The Association, …