1. Fountains of Wayne’s Got It Going On

    Fountains of Wayne’s Got It Going On

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    Wikipedia is extraordinarily precise — some would say anal — about the genesis of the name of Towers of Wayne: The band was named after a lawn element store at the intersection of New Jersey Route 23 and U.S. Route 46 in Wayne, New Jersey. No doubt, it represented suburbia…

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  2. Number One on this Day in 1950: Nat King Cole’s “Mona Lisa”

    Nat King Cole’s “Mona Lisa” was the top song on this day in 1950 in the three categories that…


  3. Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen Had a Lot of Fun

    Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen Had a Lot of Fun

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    For a band of some importance, there is almost no decent video of Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen. The vintage clip above looks like it was shot during World War I. Most of the rest are montages of the band playing behind images of people smoking (“Smoke! Smoke!…

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  4. Happy Birthday, Clifford, Horace and Hugo

    Happy Birthday, Clifford, Horace and Hugo

    Three notable birthdays today: Hugo Montenegro, Horace Silver and Clifford Jordan.

    There is relatively little video of tenor sax player Clifford Jordan (born in 1931). Here is a great version of one of my all time favorite songs, Leadbelly’s “Silver City Bound.” Here is Leadbelly’s version, with reminiscences about his exploits with

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  5. Katie Melua is a UK Pop Star, by Way of Georgia and Northern Ireland

    Katie Melua is a UK Pop Star, by Way of Georgia and Northern Ireland

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    Katie Melua is a Georgian singer who was born in 1984. Her family moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland when she was eight years old and to London six years later. She will celebrate her 30th birthday later this month.

    Melua studied at the B.R.I.T. School for the Performing Arts…

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  6. The Deeply Influential Captain Beefheart

    The Deeply Influential Captain Beefheart

    [column size=one_half position=first ]cb5Captain Beefheart’s real name was Don Van Vliet. He led a life that makes a chronological profile a great deal of fun to read. The sense is that behind the odd names and difficult music — you don’t hum Captain Beefheart tunes — was a brilliant artist.

    He was born in 1941 and grew up in California, had strong artistic tendencies and was an avid — even…

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  7. Homemade Jamz Blues Band are More Than Kids Who Use Mufflers for Guitars

    Homemade Jamz Blues Band are More Than Kids Who Use Mufflers for Guitars

    The Homemade Jamz Blues Band, from Tupelo, Mississippi, consists of three Perry siblings: Lead guitarist Ryan, bass player Kyle and drummer Taya.

    There are three interesting things about the group. The first is their youth. When they signed with NorthernBlues Music, a Canadian label, Ryan was 16, Kyle was 13 and Taya was 9. A…

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  8. Have You Met Lydia?

    Have You Met Lydia?

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    A couple of days after the death of Robin Williams, I watched “The Fisher King,”an early and very good movie directed by Terry Gilliam that starred Williams and Jeff Bridges. In one of the best scenes in the film, Williams — who plays a unbalanced street person — gets a date…

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  9. New Music: Morning Sun & The Essentials

    New Music: Morning Sun & The Essentials

    The song about is “Canopy.”

    This is from the band’s Facebook page:

    Singers Phil Grajko and Michel Aubertin met in an NYC studio in the summer of 2010. Within ten minutes, they were jamming out to a duet of Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up.” Within a week, they were laying the groundwork for what would become their debut EP Love Agenda, and…

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  10. TDMB Top Picks from March 2012

    TDMB Top Picks from March 2012

    picksCable television executives have a rule of thumb that has served them well: Expect 80 percent of revenue to come from 20 percent of pay-per-view and video-on-demand content. The takeaway is that even good content has a short shelf life.

    I was thinking about that rule as the number of posts at TDMB crossed the 800 mark. My fear is that some of great songs that were posted earlier in the life of…

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