1. Late Night with The Roots (and Jimmy Fallon)

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    The Roots are busy: They are a very…

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  2. Billboard: Chicago Trails Only The Beach Boys Among American Bands

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    It’s interesting to see versions of…

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  3. The Triumph of Pete Seeger

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    Pete Seeger sings “Lonesome Valley” with half-siblings Mike and Peggy Seeger.


    Like all our heroes, Seeger’s legacy is not as pure as we want it to be in the days after he died. The same wa…

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  4. The Good News: The Drifters Drift on Forever

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    The great wrote some songs for The…

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  5. The Coal Miner’s Daughter

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    Loretta Lynn a place in the broader…

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  6. Johannes Brahms: “Structural Coherence was the Genesis of His Creative Process”

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    Johannes Brahms profile at Classical…

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  7. Al Jolson, Blackface and America

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    There indelible links between race, the…

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  9. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: “Can’t Hold Us” and “Wings”

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    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are popular…

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  10. A: They Are Devo!

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    It’s hard to take the position that the…

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