1. My Morning Jacket: “Heart Breakin Man” and “Off the Record”

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    H/T: Walter W.

    Before I heard them, the…

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  2. Leadbelly’s Deeply American Story

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    Leadbelly — Huddie Ledbetter — is a legend. The outlines are contradictory: Leadbelly was a murderer who sang kids songs and became a bedrock of the folks scene. The whole thing is made a bit more…

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  3. Lorde: “Royals” and “Team”

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    Running into music written and performed…

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  4. Late Night with The Roots (and Jimmy Fallon)

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    The Roots are busy: They are a very…

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  5. Billboard: Chicago Trails Only The Beach Boys Among American Bands

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    It’s interesting to see versions of…

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  6. The Triumph of Pete Seeger

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    Pete Seeger sings “Lonesome Valley” with half-siblings Mike and Peggy Seeger.


    Like all our heroes, Seeger’s legacy is not as pure as we want it to be in the days after he died. The same wa…

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  7. Please click here to see the index of music at The Daily Music Break as of today. Please check it out and suggest some great performers, bands or orchestras from the worlds of blues, jazz, country, rock, international, folk or any other forms of music. (Photo: Xinit)