1. Dmitri Shostakovich: Life During Wartime

    Dmitri Shostakovich: Life During Wartime


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    It must have been terrifying to be an artist in the Soviet Union during World War II. Classical composer Dmitri Shostakovich seems to have done the best he could at time when a bad review from one person — Stalin — could do literally what bad reviews from critics only do…

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  2. Bucky Pizzarelli is Old School

    Bucky Pizzarelli is Old School


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    I knew when I began looking for links to Bucky Pizzarelli that I would find tons of great jazz guitar. Though it is impossible to say so definitely without knowing him, it’s almost certain that I also found a good guy. For one thing, he generally is the headliner–he’s been…

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  3. Lyle Lovett Pushes Music Country

    Lyle Lovett Pushes Music Country


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    There are brilliant writers and performers who work within a genre and produce something that has one foot — or even a toe or two — outside it. Lyle Lovett is one of these rare folks.

    Lovett makes a striking impression, even after his tall hair days. He’s also an actorand…

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  4. My Morning Jacket: “Heart Breakin Man” and “Off the Record”

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    H/T: Walter W.

    Before I heard them, the…

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  5. Leadbelly’s Deeply American Story

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    Leadbelly — Huddie Ledbetter — is a legend. The outlines are contradictory: Leadbelly was a murderer who sang kids songs and became a bedrock of the folks scene. The whole thing is made a bit more…

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  6. Lorde: “Royals” and “Team”

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    Running into music written and performed…

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  7. Anna Saleh: A Beautiful Voice From Brazil

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    Brazilian music has a unique and simple…

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  8. Red Norvo was Mr. Swing

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    Red Norvo had to be good: Being called…

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  9. Late Night with The Roots (and Jimmy Fallon)

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    The Roots are busy: They are a very…

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  10. Billboard: Chicago Trails Only The Beach Boys Among American Bands

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    It’s interesting to see versions of…

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