1. Late Night with The Roots (and Jimmy Fallon)

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    The Roots are busy: They are a very…

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  2. Billboard: Chicago Trails Only The Beach Boys Among American Bands

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    It’s interesting to see versions of…

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  3. Mott the Hoople: More Than “All the Young Dudes”

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    The first paragraph of AllMusic’s profile of Mott the Hoople — a band whose name was the title of a 1970s novel by Willard Manus – is a brilliant example of damning with faint praise:

    Mott the…

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  4. Please click here to see the index of music at The Daily Music Break as of today. Please check it out and suggest some great performers, bands or orchestras from the worlds of blues, jazz, country, rock, international, folk or any other forms of music. (Photo: Xinit)


  5. The Pretenders: Brass in Pocket/My City Was Gone

    Visit The Daily Music Break for great music regardless of genre or era. Today’s featured music is from The Pretenders. We offer two of their hits, Brass in Pocket and My City Was Gone, and links to info about the band and Chrissie Hydne. The latter is a great way to sum up 2012 for a lot of people, especially in the northeast. (photo: calan)

    Pretenders Dubai 200702